The Institute has a scientific base and proper work experience for various types of research.

The Institute also has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who are ready to offer a wide variety of services:

  1. The growing of elite trees seedlings using the methods of micropropagation.
  2. The development of projects of creating of forest seed plantations of the main forest-forming species.
  3. The development of intensive technologies of growing species on the forest plantations with short cutting cycle (including coniferous tree species).
  4. Division into districts for forest tree seeds.
  5. The cultivation of trees with desirable characteristics such as high-quality wood, wood texture, bigger trunk size and a large amount of non-timber forest products.
  6. Growing of planting material for forestry, landscape architecture and gardening.
  7. The Institute offers a number of scientific and technological projects for the territorial entities of the Russian Federation in the area of forest management:

– Forestry regulation and legislation in the following areas of activity:

– reforestation;

– afforestation;

– timber harvesting;

– tending care of forest;

– sanitary safety in forests;

– establishment and cultivation forest plantations and seed orchards;

– forest inventory.

The Institute is ready to offer a wide range of services for the territorial entities of the Russian Federation:

  • The development of forest plans, forest management regulations and forest exploitation plans; the development of forest protection and regeneration measures.

– Forest pathology researches; the development of forest protection measures for forest divisions and forest parks.

  • The development of basic standard costs for forestry measures and fire prevention measures.
  • Research and development of efficient fast growing tree technologies for the establishment of protective, recreational and other plantations.

– Quality management in the designing and establishment of forest plantations (on the basis of international quality standards ISO 9000).

– Analysis of forest degradation process and action plan development for forest recovery.

– Business planning, investment design and forestry forecasting.

Economic justification of the use of public-private partnerships in forestry.

We are open for mutually beneficial cooperation and are ready to discuss your proposals for our further relations in the areas relevant to forests and forest management.