The Institute was transferred in authority to Federal Forestry Agency by government decree on the 5 th of March 2005 № 244-р.


On the 2nd of May 2007 the Research Institute of Forest Genetics and Breeding of Voronezh Oblast (russian abbreviation – NIILGiSV) was established by the order № 1-п of the executive director as a subdivision of federal state unitary enterprise “Research Institute of Forest Genetics and Breeding”.

The Federal forestry Agency was transferred under the command of the Ministry of agriculture in May 2008 and in 2009 after the head of the Federal forestry Agency Savinov A.I. had transferred the location of the principal organization back to Voronezh, the subdivision was liquidated.


Given that the legal organizational form of federal state unitary enterprise was not effective enough for the accomplishment of fundamental and applied research works, it was to be reorganized. It took place in 2013 by the order of Federal forestry Agency № 232 “On the reorganization of the federal state unitary enterprise “Research Institute of Forest Genetics and Breeding”. The new name is federal state institution “Research Institute of Forest Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology” (russian abbreviation is VNIILGISbiotech).


The Institute departments maintain the development of forest-forming tree species breeding programs and provide practical assistance to the forestry organizations in the creation of permanent forest seed base.


There are following data bases created in the Institute:


  • Forest genetic resources of the Russian Chernozem zone.


  • Forest seed breeding


Experimental objects created by the institute staff members is a testing area for scientific researches and proving ground for scientific and technical forestry specialists study.


A number of students and professors of universities of Voronezh as well as forestry specialists of different institutions of CIS countries undertake an internship, traineeship and advance training here.


There are more than 70 Ph.D. theses written on the base of research works accomplished in the Institute.


There is a scientific board and an editorial-review board in the Institute.


In 2010 the Memorandum of understanding between our Institute and Finnish Forest Research Institute was signed.


As a result of the ongoing research works great progress has been made:


This experimental facility which consists of 925 units with a total area of 10 thousand hectares has been established;

132 normative documents have been prepared;

27 research, development, and engineering programmes have been launched.

28 invention certificates and 1 patent have been received;

117 innovation proposals have been put into practice;

29 monographs, 31 collections of research papers, over 3 thousand articles, about 100 guidelines and study guides have been published.

Institute has participated in a variety of exhibitions of different levels and has won a large number of medals.