Forest Biotechnology Center

Forest Biotechnology Center is established in compliance with clause 58 “Establishment of the Forest Biotechnology Center” of an implementation plan (“roadmap timeline") for "Development of biotechnology and gene engineering", which has been approved by the government of the Russian Federation on the 18th of July, 2013, № 1247-р.


The principal directions of the Center's activity are:


  1. Coordination of activities of scientific research institutes, universities, local biotechnological laboratories, science and technology centers and others organizations in the area of forest biotechnology.


  1. Participation in strategy-making process in the area of scientific researches in biotechnology and genetic engineering.


  1. Conducting of the task-oriented applied researches and developments.


  1. Development of the bioresource base for sustainable development of all types of forests (the conservation and reproduction of forest genetic resources, the creation of new tree forms, etc).


  1. The use of biotechnology for the forest management.


  1. The development of experimental facility and industrial base.


  1. The creation of research and information infrastructure.


  1. Educational activities.


9. International cooperation.