Throughout its existence the Research Institute of Forest Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology (russian abbreviation is VNIILGISbiotech) has established a large experimental facility which consists of 925 units with a total area of 10 thousand hectares. This experimental facility serves as a training ground for young scientists and as a test area for scientific researches.


   The Research Institute of Forest Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology has been included in the “roadmap” for the development of biotechnology and genetic engineering. In this connection in August 2014 there has been established a Forest Biotechnology Center as a part of the Institute. In the Center there are basic researches and task-oriented engineering research works with promising tree species carried out. It’s primary focus is on coordination and development of the scientific and technical programs and projects regarding biotechnology of forest plants, biological forest protection, genetic engineering, genetics, breeding and seed breeding.

   Another important task is the creation of scientific, engineering and manufacturing base using biotechnological, genetic, and informational techniques for conservation of genetic diversity. And last but not least task is the working upon the biological basis of the development of the forest industry.

   The Institute pays special attention to the selection for high skilled staff. Over the last years the Institute has been recruiting a growing number of young specialists who take an active part in scientific research projects.